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Paramotoring in Ireland 


Paramotor training and equipment.



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They are relatively easy to learn to fly, yet being foot launched do not need an airfield to operate from - they can be flown from an open, flat field with no need to find a hill site facing into wind or even to wait for the wind to blow.

The paramotors, appeal is its simplicity, small size and weight and it can be used with both a free-flight paraglider wing or a reflex wing.

Paramotors (especially those with electric start) can be used both for powered flight and also as a means of climbing high for pilots who may then choose to switch off and thermal in the usual way that free flyers do.

If you are interested in our sport and would like to find out more about this exciting and exhilarating sport , then please feel free to contact us on 086 2232955 or email: PPGandPG@gmail.com.

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