What Are 'FLPA'?

Foot launched powered aircraft are the newest form of personal aviation and allow individuals to fly hang gliders and paragliders without little or no assistance and without a hill or winch!

The entire aircraft can be transported in/on a car and can be ready to fly in minutes. Not only does it offer tremendous freedom, it's fantastic fun and is by far the cheapest way to fly with an engine.

About This Site

Whether you are a current powered hang glider or paramotor pilot, an existing hang glider / paraglider pilot looking to get into powered flight or you are new to the sport all together, I hope this site will entertain and inform!

Currently the main features of the site are the most comprehensive directory of FLPA websites anywhere, including manufacturers, distributers, information, pilots pages and more. And if yours isn't listed, let me know.

There are also a number of movies and photos - this is a section I would like to expand so please send my anything you think may be suitable.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and/or content.